HEAR Now is the audio equivalent of a film festival for fans, performers and producers of contemporary audio story-telling in all its forms: live and scripted solo performances, multi-voiced performance, classic radio drama, experimental narrative, and much more.

This four-day Festival offers a multi-faceted program showcasing the many forms of audio fiction and sound art story-telling in theaters and other “listening” venues. HEAR Now presents audio fiction programs that exemplify traditions of craftsmanship, as well as aesthetic and technological innovation.

The 2017 HEAR Now Festival will again be a gathering place where the work of master storytellers is celebrated and shared.

Audio drama, audiobooks, recorded, and live story-telling -- sketches, poetry, spoken word -- alongside academic papers, juried competitions, and presentations on the physics of sound, as well as performance workshops, will round out this intensive listening event for the 2017 Hear Now Festival.

The following schedule is still ’under construction’ and subject to updates prior to June 6, 2017.
avatar for Cynthia Allen

Cynthia Allen

HEAR Now Festival Director
avatar for Ray Archie

Ray Archie

Musician / Audio Enginner
avatar for Tony Brewer

Tony Brewer

SFX Artist / Writer
avatar for Scott Brick

Scott Brick

Narrator / Educator
avatar for Jackie Casteel

Jackie Casteel

KOPN- FM Radio
Underwriting / Volunteers
avatar for Howard Craft

Howard Craft

Writer / Producer
avatar for Tom Curley

Tom Curley

VoiceScapes Audio Theater
avatar for Debra Deyan

Debra Deyan

Deyan Audio
avatar for Steve Donofrio

Steve Donofrio

KOPN- FM Radio
Host / Producer
avatar for William Dufris

William Dufris

Pocket Universe Productions
Voice Actor / Director
avatar for Dion Graham

Dion Graham

Voice Actor / Director
avatar for Neil Hellegers

Neil Hellegers

Voice Actor / Producer
avatar for Jason Hwang

Jason Hwang

avatar for Kasey Lansdale

Kasey Lansdale

Singer / Song-writer / Actress
avatar for Robin Miles

Robin Miles

Voice Actor / Director
avatar for PJ Ochlan

PJ Ochlan

Narrator / Producer / Educator
avatar for Brian Price

Brian Price

Great Northern Audio Theatre
avatar for David Shinn

David Shinn

SueMedia Productions
Master Engineer
avatar for Amanda Rose Smith

Amanda Rose Smith

Producer / Engineer / Composer
avatar for Frank Stasio

Frank Stasio

Host / Producer
avatar for Jerry Stearns

Jerry Stearns

Great Northern Audio Theatre
avatar for Julia Whelan

Julia Whelan

Voice Actor
avatar for Sue Zizza

Sue Zizza

SueMedia Productions
Director / Producer / Festival Organizer